OK, Steven
OK, Steven
Let's create your website together

..OK, Steven,
I need help
with my


Sure, I'd love to!
This is what
care about.



Let’s keep it real. There is no need to overly complex a clear message.


I prefer clean and efficient design. To be simple is the most complicated.


Understandable navigation helps to quickly find what you’re looking for.


It’s part of the fun. Your own ideas will always contribute to a better website.



I can help you with appealing texts, photos, graphics and videos.

Personal Story

Why do you do what you do? Let's tell people about your core beliefs.

Professional appearance

Right from the start. Position yourself as the expert you already are.

high ReadabiliTy

Make it easy for your readers to get excited. Don’t discourage them.


Below are
some of the projects
I recently worked on.

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I'm a dEdicated

make it work for you

Squarespace is my website delivery platform of choice. It’s the most beautiful way to present your ideas online and to stand out with a professional website, portfolio, or online store. The reasons are many fold, some technical, some strategic. For me it’s important that for website owners it’s easy to manage and maintain their own content once I’ve helped to establish the initial website. It goes without saying that SEO, Mobile Optimization, Social Media Integration and Web Analytics also are top notch.

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OK, Go!

a nudge to get started

Sometimes you need a little push to get where you want to go. In this regard, the title of this website represents some words of encouragement to me. Like; ‘OK, Steven, let's go, reach out to people and say you want to help them!’ In turn, maybe I can encourage you to put your fresh ideas into action and contribute to the joy of creating your own business. My views are influenced by popular media storytelling. I hold a Master degree in Media Studies and have a background in Film. Which also means I love to chat about your favorite pop culture gems while we’re at it!

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Ping. Pong.

What to expect

Designing your own website should be a fun and mutual effort. So let’s go back-and-forth at it like a game of ping pong. First, we’ll try to understand what the site should be about. I can bring clarity to that. We can meet in Amsterdam or just be online. Also, what inspires you? We’ll translate that into an aesthetically pleasing look. You’ll be responsible for delivering content that is appropriate for you. I can help with that too. I’ll also take care of effectively organizing and structuring your site’s information. Lastly, what will it cost you? Well every development process is different, though in most cases a budget of 500 Euro should be sufficient.